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Korean Skin Care Routine

Korean Skin Care Routine – Top 10 Natural Skin Care Tips

Koreans are well known for their glowing skins, thanks to their unique regimen. This gives us an unending thirst of borrowing skin tips from Koreans. Employing innovative technology, we have been left with desires to craft and hack their old skin care routines that have preserved their skins and kept them healthy. In this article, we will be digging deeper to the Korean skin care routine. Whether you have an oily or dry skin, this article is meant for you. As a bonus, we will give you natural skin care tips from Koreans. Keep reading.

Korean Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin

Korean skin care routine for oily skin

Step 1: Cleansing oil

Korean cleansing oil on oily skin

To begin with, start by using a cleansing oil for four minutes, this will dissolve our makeup and prepare your skin for the routine. South Koreans will tell you that you need to be very gentle on the skin. As you massage the skin with your cleansing oil, ensure that you do in circular motions, this will stimulate circulation. Once all makeup is removed, get some lukewarm water and pat dry your skin. This step sees to it that you eliminate oil while keeping the skin hydrated at the same time. Jojoba Oil or Castor Oil can serve you in this step.

Step 2: Foaming Cleanser

Foaming Cleanser On Oily Skin

For about two minutes, you need to gently apply a mild cream cleanser or a foaming cleanser in circular motions. Koreans recommend you do this with a sonic cleansing brush maybe three or four times a week. Once you are through with this, you should keep massaging your face for some additional four minutes. This massage should be done in sweeping motions. Start with the center and move outwards to enhance circulation, elasticity as well as a youthful glow.

Step 3: Exfoliation

This marks the step where you need to exfoliate your face two to three times a week. Koreans skin regimens call for incorporating a scrub or mask for each concern. This means that you have to mask at least one day a week. Masking brightens your pigmentation. On the other day, you should do an alpha hydroxyl scrub or a gel mask. While exfoliating, you should address your individual skin concern. Products to use include Yonka Gommage 303, Vitamin C Enzyme Masque or Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque.

Exfoliation on Oily Skin

Step 4: Toner

This step is key; it helps you cleanse off the exfoliator you used and at the same time it prepares the skin for the next regimen. While using a toner, it's important you use one that is pH balanced. Nonalcoholic pH balancing toners will give you better results as they tend to absorb nutrients from the rest of regimens.

toner on oily skin

Step 5: Essence

Essence on oily skin

Essence regime features nourishing concentrates that are filled with anti oxidants that enhance the skin cellular renewal process. We advise you use alcohol-free pH balancing sprays that are loaded with antioxidants as they will open up pores. Consider using Yonka PNG Spray lotion.

Step 6: Ampoules

Ionithermie Ampoules A and B

This is the anti-aging step of the regimen. Like the previous step, this step protects your skin from natural elements. To ensure there is proper absorption, consider patting it on the skin in an upwards motion. Juvenil Yonka is a good product for this step.

Step 7: Facial Massage, Sleep Masque, and
sheet Masque

Also referred to as recovery masques, these steps allow penetration of essential nutrients to deep skin levels thus enhancing your recovery. Consider wearing the masques at least once per week to get a stronger effect. Also, remember to massage your face daily for five to ten minutes to facilitate absorption.

facial massage

Step 8: Eye Cream, Serum and sunscreen

After doing some moisturization, you need to make employ some eye cream, Serum, and Sun Screen. Most Korean products have double cleansing properties; that is they serve well for oily as well as dry skins. 

eye cream on oily skin

Korean Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin

Korean skin care routine for dry skin

You must have realized we have dwelt deeply with the Korean regiment for oily skin; this is because Koreans use the same sort of regime for oily and dry skins. If you have dry skin, you will also have to do the above routines, which are described from step 1 to step 7. These steps are key as they restructure your skin layers and prepare them to start absorbing essential elements.

For most people, the dry skin problem is mostly due to excess dehydration. Koreans will ask you go for their sunscreens regiments. Sun screens protect your skin by helping it regulate the temperatures within it thus regulating the amount of water lost through on the pores. In additional, they also advocate for people with dry skins to consume plenty of water to rehydrate themselves.

Top 10 Natural Skin Care Tips

The best way to care for your skin is to go natural. This way, you don’t have to worry about the elements that make up your skin care products. We are going to list some natural skin care tips that will go a long way to keeping your skin glowing like that of the Koreans. Like we promised, here are the top 10 natural skin care tips that you should start implementing.

  • step-forward
    Hydrate yourself
  • step-forward
    Avoid stressing factors
  • step-forward
    Have enough sleep
  • step-forward
    Settle on a good diet mostly containing greens and vegetable
  • step-forward
    Wash your skin regularly, preferably twice a day. Before you sleep and after you wake up.
  • step-forward
    Always work on your skin gently
  • step-forward
    Steam yourself in a hot bath
  • step-forward
    Do regular exercises
  • step-forward
    Exfoliate regularly
  • step-forward
    Detoxify to get rid of excess fats and elements in your body

We hope that this article will go a long way to help you glow your skin and achieve a youthful look all the days of your life.  You might also interested in our article Best Skin Products for your own benefits.

best skin products for different skin types

Guide to Choosing the Best Skin Products for Individual Skin Types

best skin products for individual

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for skin care.  Every skin care product claims to be effective in addressing a particular area of common skin issues, though some certainly work better than others. With the sheer volume of products available, finding the best skin products for your individual skin type is an overwhelming task, at best. Fortunately, it is possible to narrow down these choices into a specific skin care regimen that works for you.

Educate Yourself


As with all things, knowledge is power when it comes to determining the best skin care products for your individual skin type. There are plenty of good skin products on the market that are formulated to address specific skin issues, and well as those designed for basic maintenance and overall skin health. Therefore, a thorough assessment of your particular skin type as well as your skin care goals is an important first step in finding the best combination of skin products.

What is Your Skin Type?


There are several common skin types, each presenting their own set of challenges. Is your skin oily? Dry? A combination of the two? Those with overly sensitive skin often have to be particularly careful when sampling new skin products, especially facial products, as many common ingredients can produce an undesirable skin reaction. Fortunately, there are many good skin products that address this sensitivity without sacrificing promised results.

What are Your Skin Care Goals?


Aside from the most common goals of basic skin care and anti-aging, what are your skin care goals? Common issues such as acne, mild scarring, rosacea, dark spots or uneven skin tone, and large pores or blackheads can be addressed specifically as part of a daily skin care regimen. 

Assess Your Results


Once you’ve found a product that works for you, note the active ingredient(s). Similarly, if a skin care product causes an undesirable reaction, note the active ingredients(s) and avoid that in the future. It is important to note, however, that while the best skin products tend to utilize common, proven ingredients as primary active agents, the balance of a product’s ingredient list can vary greatly. Therefore, it is wise to sample a variety of skin care products to find the one that’s best for you.

sensitive to skin types

Be Sensitive to Change

Skin changes for many reasons, and therefore, so do skin care needs. Naturally, aging is a factor, but so is environment, health; even elevated stress levels can have an outward effect on our skin. Sensitivity to these factors will help to ensure that you’re always using the best skin products for the particular set of circumstances that may be affecting the overall health of your skin.

Choosing the best skin products doesn’t need to be nearly as daunting a task as it may seem.

In fact, the answer to just a simple question or two will get you on the right track.

  • check
    What if I have dry skin?
  • check
    What if I have oily skin?
  • check
    What if I have combination skin?
  • check
    What if I have combination skin?
  • check
    What if I have sensitive skin?
  • check
    What if I want to prevent fine lines and wrinkles?
  • check
    What if I want to correct fine lines and wrinkles?

Every person’s skin is unique, and the best skin products address that uniqueness in a variety of ways. With a little knowledge and experimentation, you can find the combination that works best for you.